Reports on mental health

Reports on mental health

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Reports on mental health

Two interesting reports from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and The Office for National Statistics in the UK have been published. Each highlights a number of important findings:

  • The proportion of Norwegian young girls reporting high levels of mental health disorders and who seek out health care services is relatively high and increasing.
  • The most common mental health disorders amongst Norwegian young people are anxiety, behavioural disorders and affective disorders.

The report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health can be found here (Norwegian only)

  • In the UK, there has been a significant decrease in 10 to 15 year olds who report high or very high happiness with friends, with boys being the main driver for this change.
  • Youngsters in the UK spending more than three hours during a school day on social networking sites have increased significantly. Girls are twice as likely as boys to spend this length of time.

The report from The Office for National Statistics (UK) can be found here.

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