sWell in the media

"Measuring youths physical activity for a week"

The local newspaper Østlendingen interviewed the chief medical doctor in Elverum and co-supervisor for work package 1; Knut Skulberg and stipendiat Ingeborg about sWell’s research project in relation to data collection at Elverum secondary school. It was published in both the newspaper and online.

sWell at Hanstad in Elverum

Both teacher, pupils and stipendiat Ingeborg was interviewed by the National Broadcasting Bureau (NRK) Hedmark and Oppland about sWell in relation to data collection done at Hanstad joined children- and secondary school. The pupils were positive to participating and the research area.

Sunnhordland: "Research on health and learning
-'Stordabu' behind large-scale project"

The local newspaper at Stord, Sunnhordland, published two artices about the sWell project prior and during data collection for work package 1 at the two schools in the municipality. Stipendiat Ingeborg Barth Vedøy was interviewed together with pupils at Nysæter Ungdomsskule. “We think it is exciting”, a pupil told Sunnhordland in the second of the two articles, published January 2017.